Your These Two Steps Can Make India Win Against COVID-19

Yes, you read that right. With your two simple steps, we together can win over noble coronavirus COVID 19. Read on to know-how! 

During this time, when all the world is suffering from the coronavirus pandemic, it is crucial to cover up your responsibilities as an individual. We know, you are taking all the safety measures and precautions to save yourself from the coronavirus. But, as a citizen, you also have some duties towards our country. Taking care of which is very crucial today.

So, here are just two easy things you must do to serve your nation.

#1 Be A Volunteer For Nonprofit Organization Serving In Your Community

Due to health and safety contemplations, many volunteers who are aged (and at high risk) have restricted their usual commitments towards the nonprofit organizations. This has led the organizations shorthanded in delivering services as they are left with limited volunteer resources.  

However, at the same time, needs are rising continuously.  For example, with the extension of lockdown, demand for food supplies to hand to mouth people has increased.  And, so does the need for volunteers. 

What you can do:

Go out and reach the local charities or nonprofit organizations, support them with your time, but of course, keep your safety in mind. Search on the internet about volunteer opportunities in your locality. You will find plenty of vacant positions. 

And worry not, the nonprofits are taking care of their volunteer’s safety very seriously. Many new adjustments have been made regarding this. For example, meal delivery services have a new rule to deliver the meal on the doorstep and not entering the house. 

Countrymen, this is the time when we can actually do something for our country. Even if you don’t feel like going out to volunteer, you can opt to prepare food at your home. Other volunteers will come at your doorstep to pick the food and deliver it to those in need. 

#2 Donate To Some Non-profit Organisations Helping To Fight The COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 is creating new hassles with every passing day. Like, providing needed facilities to labor class citizens is putting extensive financial pressure on the government and NGO’s. The organizations that are working for mankind without any profit motive now requires more resources to survive. The economic downfall due to the coronavirus pandemic has caused many donors to dial back.

Not only this, but many charity trusts have to cancel their upcoming fundraising events because of public safety concerns. As a result, they are left with a limited financial reserve to carry on their work; putting them in a difficult situation. 

So, if you have a stable financial condition, you must consider donating directly to some nonprofit organization that is working to fight this COVID-19 pandemic. Being a donor, you can support those who are working day & night to save us from the coronavirus.

To conclude, all charitable organizations that you care about, need your great support in this terrible time. Giving your financial support to these organizations will help them to serve the needed ones to get through this crisis. 

Lastly, we and our whole Live Corona News staff, pray for you and your family’s safety. Stay precautious and obey the government instructions.

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