Corona Live Updates India – When Vaccine Would Be Ready?

When do you think the vaccine for coronavirus would be ready? Read this report by Corona Live Updates India to get the right estimate.

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is one of the deadliest viruses that the world has seen in this year. With thousands of deaths worldwide, the virus is spreading like wildfire and killing more and more people. What makes the virus so dangerous is that it directly attacks the lungs, which, in turn, collapses our respiratory system. Now, this can be fatal. This is especially true for those who have a weak immunity system. Both young and old are susceptible to the fatality of this disease, and more importantly, it is not showing any signs of stopping. 

Many countries worldwide get affected by this virus, Italy and China being the worst hit of the lot. As per the Corona Live Updates India, the number of cases and the death toll continues to rise with each passing day though the Government is trying every possible measure to contain the spread of this virus. Since it is a mutating virus, it was previously an animal to the animal transmitted virus. But then, it is mutated into an animal to human virus. Now again mutated to form human to the human transmitted virus. Its growing adaptability to different living conditions is a cause for concern which is why containing this virus seems to be a rather difficult task.

So, what can be done instead? 

Corona Live Updates India
Corona Live Updates India

A vaccine should develop against this virus to inject in the human body so that people develop a natural immunity to the disease. A vaccine works by triggering the human body to produce specific antibodies in the system which when comes in contact with the pathogen, in this case, the Corona Virus, develops natural immunity to it and kills off the virus before it can cause serious harm.  

However, the process of developing a vaccine is not at all easy and requires a multitude of steps. What are they? Let’s take a look:  

Corona Live Updates India – Clinical Trial

First and foremost, a clinical trial needs to be conducted, which will verify and test the effectiveness of the vaccine before it is used to treat Corona in India and other countries. This clinical trial in itself will take place in three stages:  

  • The first step requires a number of healthy people who will volunteer for the trial on whom the vaccine will be tested. They will check for any negative effects. 
  • Once that step is complete, a hundred people will be checked and tested for the same. 
  • Once the second step is complete, a thousand people will have the same trial conducted on them. 

 Such precautions are maintained in order to make sure that the vaccine is a global one and can be used by humans of all kinds, races, gender and age groups. This entire process of the clinical trial is definitely very time-consuming. After the trial gets successfully complete, the vaccine has to pass through various regulatory measures until it makes available to everyone. 

corona vaccine India
corona vaccine India

Once the clinical trial is over, looking at the number of Coronavirus Live India cases and worldwide, there will be a huge demand for the vaccine. However, there are not many facilities across the world to produce that amount of vaccine. This makes the case all the more difficult. Hence, it will take time to produce that large amount of vaccine. 

 As estimated, it will take around 18 months to develop a vaccine for this virus and then make it available to all will take more time. Since flu is the biggest threat of a pandemic, we have a head start in developing the vaccine. However, still, it will take time. Till then, we can but hope for the best.

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