Corona News India- “India Now in Stage 3” Announces COVID-19 Hospitals Task Force

Covid-19 Hospitals Task Force recently announced that India has reached stage 3 of the pandemic. Although the government denies the claim, it is important for people to understand the gravity of the situation. Even if it hasn’t reached stage 3 as per corona news India. Without people cooperating and the government failing to put plans into action promptly, it could very well enter that stage.

Corona News India- India Now in Stage 3

According to concerned government officials, in case of community spread, cases grow exponentially or geometrically. But till now the growth has purely been arithmetic. This might be a source of relief for many who are already panic-stricken, but it’s impossible to rule out its future possibility completely.

Officials opine, although coronavirus cases in India are increasing, the growth trend is stable. The government also points at a reduction in the pace at which corona in Indiais gaining a stronghold.

According to corona news India, the ten days to come would be the most critical for the country, looking from the perspective of checking the pandemic’s growth.

Whatever steps and measures the government plans to take, it must take them swiftly so that the transmission chain can be cut before it extends endlessly. It would be ideal if the government made arrangements for checking even those people for Covid-19 who partially show symptoms. In reality, the common people as well as the government both have come to terms with reality- the country is fast running out of time. And all actions should be prompt and quick in this regard.

Talking about community spread of this disease, it generally transmits in clusters, and it does so really fast. Once community transmission is in place, it becomes extremely difficult to track the original source of the transmission. India has already witnessed a thousand coronavirus cases and is undergoing a countrywide lockdown of 21 days. About 25 people have died so far due to the severity of the symptoms of this disease. Maharashtra tops the list when it comes to states with coronavirus infected people. 

Forecasts are out which point at the severity with which this virus will hit our country. And it is only obvious considering the huge number of Indian people suffering already from lifestyle diseases such as diabetes. In fact, India refers as the diabetes capital of the world. Also, by now, we know that the virus hits only those people severely who have immunity issues or are aged. Hence, India being home to a huge population of elderly people, it certainly needs to stay prepared to combat the crisis.

And we should not rule out the alarming possibility of having a lot of more severe coronavirus cases in the times to cone.

The government is taking every measure possible to make sure the poor and the vulnerable can be saved from this threat. Economic packages by different ministries and pro-people activities like making vegetables and other cooking supplies. These supplies available at people’s doorsteps are being carried out. Free cash transfer schemes and ration are also being made available to the needy. Without a doubt, the current conditions are precarious. But both Central and state governments have put their heart and soul into ensuring coronavirus doesn’t hit the country in the ways it hit Italy and China.

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