US Support India Towards China Aggression In Border

Prime Minister Narendra Modi shakes hand with US President Donald Trump during the ‘Namaste Trump’ event

As we all know, China is famous for playing its mind games with the countries with whom it wants to take revenge. Now, China’s eye is in India. As China showed its aggression at the India-China border in order to bully or provoke India.

India is engaged in a serious border tension with China. According to military sources, armies of both India and China been in a deadlock between two equally matched opponents in the areas like valley and lake. Additional soldiers were deployed over both sides in two weeks after the faceoff.

The reporters reported that Chinese forces put up tents, dug trenches, and moved heavy equipment several km in Indian territory which Chinese themselves accepted as a part of India. 

Whether disturbance in the south China sea or along the border we can easily see how China is provoking India. All these happenings also raises a question about how China will use “its growing powers or misuse”.

On the other hand, Eliot Engel chairman of US, growing US support for India towards all these Chinese mind games and aggression. As he said he strongly recommended China to respect norms and resolve every conflict rather than bullying its neighbors. He also said his full support is on India’s side and wants China to resolve its border question with India. It also announced a $2.5 million assistance package for India to help the Modi government prepare laboratory systems and other medical staff.

Although Alice Wells, head of the state department’s south and central Asia department had said that Chinese aggression will not always be taken and wants India to take its stand over the disgusting moves of China.

Well although President Donald Trump made an unsolicited offer of intervention in a dispute in order to resolve everything, which both the countries India and China have accepted.

What Made The US Help India?

India gives preference to American investors and the US, boosting investment in India and thinking of stopping investment in China. As a result, China doesn’t like it anymore. India was the one who supplied many medicines(for fighting with COVID-19) not only to America but also to other countries. This results in boosting a good relation of India with America and other countries.

At last, India is a country developing so fast that no other countries want to do participate with. It was the only country which helped other countries when no one did. I am proud to be Indian. Jai Hind! 

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