Coronavirus Live Updates India: The USA Announces Financial Aid for India

Coronavirus is an unprecedented pandemic which has the world at its grasp. As many countries are trying to figure out a way to combat and contain the spread of this virus, the number of cases continues to rise. As a result, the economic drain becomes more and more prominent. So, what is causing all this rush, economic drain and health scare? As per Coronavirus Live Updates India, the USA announces financial aid for India.

Coronavirus Live Updates India: The USA Announces Financial Aid for India Amidst Corona Outbreak

Corona at a glance

This rapidly mutating virus, COVID-19, transformed itself from an animal-human transmitted virus and became a human-human transmitted one. It began to wreak havoc in the Hubei province of China at the beginning of 2020. In fact, the first reported case was way back in November 2019. But China did not take the required measures. And the disease began to spread throughout the country and from then on throughout the world. This virus directly attacks the lungs and almost paralyses the respiratory system and leads to death. More in cases where the individual is above 60 years of age. Or has some other serious underlying health issues like diabetes. With the uncontained spread of the virus in China, it began to spread across the world. And now more and more deaths are being reported globally due to this virus. 

While China was hit, followed by the USA and other European countries, particularly Italy’s Lombardy region, the Coronavirus Cases in India began to be reported from sometime around March. Many majorly hit cities, particularly Mumbai, began to go into a lockdown mode and then the entire country go into lockdown for three weeks to contain the spread of the virus. 

Corona in India and the financial crisis

When it comes to the spread of the virus in India, the situation gets a bit more problematic. This is because of the financial crisis. India, being home to many people, recording one of the highest populations per square meter in the world, it is but natural that people live in close proximity to each other, and hence, the number of Coronavirus Cases will be high. So, the number of test kits, medical facilities, etc. which will be required for this is quite high in number, which the Government does not have provisions for. The number of ICU beds, ventilators, hazmat suits, etc., is something that the country does not have. Even, it doesn’t need monetary help to make it possible. 

This is why, as being one of the countries facing a huge threat due to the spread of this pandemic, the USA has agreed to provide India with a sum of $2.9 billion in times of crisis, according to the Corona News India. This is the reason why USA allocates funds to different countries, of which India is one of them. It is an additional financial aid that the USA is providing to India other than other health-related financial help that it provides to the country. 

This helping hand comes at a time when a country is in dire need of it, and we hope that India can make the best use of it and contain the virus successfully. 

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