Relaxation Over Lock Down By The Government

covid relaxation

We all are kept inside our houses since the last week of March due to the widespread coronavirus disease (COVID-19). We may compare ourselves as a prisoner in prison walking on government guidelines.

So after all the restrictions and guidelines, the government is giving some relaxation. Like opening schools, colleges, places of worship, malls, restaurants, etc. The government has already allowed railways and airways services and now planning to provide more services. But not every state or district can take the benefits of relaxation. The government will provide relaxations according to zones. Below we have described the relaxations that the government will give be giving to different zones. 

#1 Green Zone 

Green Zone is an area with zero cases or no active case. In these areas, everything will reopen that was prohibited before like schools, colleges, transport facilities, domestic fly, etc. Except for the reopening of malls and cinema. And no international flights will be allowed.  

#2 Orange Zone

Orange zone is free from the restrictions of services like transport, agriculture activities and only a few schools and colleges will reopen.

#3 Red Zone

Red zone areas are those with a large number of cases. In these areas, the restrictions will not be removed. No facilities will be given to them, instead, the lockdown in these areas will continue as it was before.


Besides all the relaxations no one is allowed to go outside without a mask. Everyone has to wear it and have to maintain social distancing even in the green zone too.

Senior citizens and children are advised to stay inside their houses. Patients of flu or cold are kindly advised to be quarantine. The government also announced that people who will go outside for work should download the Arogya Setu app. It will alert you from the corona patient near you. 

The most important reason to end the lockdown in India is to raise the economy. Which is rapidly going down from the past few weeks, while fighting with coronavirus.

Since we all know that the corona cases in India are increasing day by day. Only you can protect yourself from being infected by taking precautions and effective measures. So stay safe! stay healthy.

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