Online Monitoring For Covid – 19 Patients At Home By Private Hospital


We all know well what coronavirus did for so many months. It caused so much destruction in just a short span of time. And it is difficult for the world to stop it.

Although cases for coronavirus positive people are increasing every day with high speed. And in India cases are more than 2 lakhs and it is difficult to provide all of the health facilities at the same time.

So, as keeping it in mind the Delhi government said that a couple of private hospitals will provide online monitoring to the patient suffering from coronavirus at home. They will offer monitoring by nurses or doctors and they will see whether their condition is improving or not.

#1 Who Can Take The Benefit?

The government said that a corona positive patient is eligible for home treatment as soon as he isolates himself and doesn’t infect the other house members. Also, a patient must be clinically assigned as a very mild case. The main motto of this step is to reduce the burden from the hospitals and stop infecting the critical stage virus to the mild patients at the hospital. 

If a patient is assigned clinically but doesn’t face any breathing difficulty or any other dangerous symptoms then he is allowed to stay home. A nurse or doctor will always be in touch with them every day.

#2 What Equipment Are Required?

People with coronavirus will require a pulse oximeter and a CT scan of the chest or good quality chest x-ray. Patients could check pulse rate or oxygen level at home on their own. And a doctor or nurse should check the symptoms every day.

#3 Who Should Seek Medical Attention?

A patient who suffer from difficulty in breathing, the pressure at the chest, have a temperature of 101°f from 2 days, abdominal pain or diarrhea and a pulse rate more than 110, are the one who needs immediate hospitalization.

Here are some hospitals which will provide online monitoring: Max Healthcare, Medanta, and Fortis. Recent reports say that Max provides this feature for 100 patients and Medanta provides to 90 patients. 

Medanta’s healthcare facility from home split into two ways first and the basis for mild patients and second, complete COVID care offering every necessary test, and also providing all tools to them present at the hospital. 

In recent months there have been 7300 corona patients monitored online. And among 7300 patients 2000 patients have been discharged and well. But 200 of them need to be hospitalized. 

An expert said that it is now crucial to treat patients with mild infection at home as cases are increasing so fastly, isolating beds are decreasing. 


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