Corona Live Updates India: Monetary Aids for Widows and Senior Citizens

As per corona live updates india, as Coronavirus cases continue to rise, more and more stringent measures are taken to tackle it. The most formidable and effective of which is the lockdown. While the lockdown is necessary step to contain the virus, there’re certain other problems that common people are facing. The lockdown is very crucial for a country like India because of the high population. It has coupled with the insufficient supply of proper medical equipment to deal with this kind of a pandemic.

Let us try and understand what effects the common person has to deal with because of corona in India and its consequent lockdown. 

It is safe to say that the country has come to a standstill. The economy has been hit worse than ever, and the people who are suffering the most are the common people. How? Well, think about the daily wage earners. For example, if you consider the person who sells tea in front of your office or your house. Because the country is in a lockdown, he/she cannot come to their shop. Even if they do manage to come to the shop, they will not be able to sell much because of lack of amenities and customers. Now, their monthly bearing depends on their daily earnings, which has taken a hit. 

Corona Live Updates India: Widows and Senior Citizens Are Getting Advanced Pensions

There are numerous working widows, disabled people with daily wage earner members of the family. They are dependent and senior citizens who are finding it more and more difficult to sustain themselves. This is due to the demand and supply being very limited, the prices have gone up by leaps and bounds. Thus, the financial crisis is a very real one, and a lot of people are still at a loss. As to how they can combat a situation of this magnitude. 

Well, in light of the various Coronavirus Cases in India and the lockdown, the Government of India has undertaken a new scheme whereby all widows, senior citizens and disabled persons, who are already on the pension payroll of the government, will receive the pension of three months in advance. How will it help them? 

This money can be used by them to make sure that they get items of daily need. The prices have shot up. 

This money can also be used by them for any medical expenses that they might incur during this time period. 

This monthly pension falls under the purview of the National Social Assistance Program (NSAP) which is looked after by the Union Rural Development Ministry.

In order to fight this battle against the rising Coronavirus Cases, this is a step taken by the government for the people in India. In fact, another sum of Rs.1,000, which is an ex-gratia amount, will be given to these people in a period of two instalments because the common people will need money to see through this period. 

The efforts are commendable, and one can only hope that they will help in fighting off this disease.

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