Mask Has Become A Part Of Ones Uniform


There was a time when no one knew about coronavirus. But now things have changed a lot, now a very single individual knows about coronavirus. Although everything will stop all of a sudden.

Besides having good and best health facilities, not even a single country is able to stop its spread and deaths caused by it. Apart from being locked in our own houses and not to go outside without any reason, everything is new totally, a new experience. 

Every time you think of a mask you will imagine what superhero wore in order to look cool or something which protects you from pollution. But did you ever thought a mask would become a part of your uniform? Well, a virus made it applicable and totally changed our thinking about masks. 

Nowadays you won’t see anyone without a mask. Now, everyone wears a mask. You don’t need to be a thief to wear a mask in order to hide your identity. But, the mask has become a part of our uniform.

Science has proved that coronavirus can transmit from one person to another through exhalation. A mask is one of the best resistance or barrier to stop it.

Even a mask is a symbol of other things too as written by a US African American poet in his poem.

Though there are some illiterate and insensible people who don’t wear a mask or do not wear it correctly. This way they are not only risking their lives but also they are risking the life of their family and others around them.

A survey in India shows that around 30% of the total affected people are affected because they didn’t wear a mask. Despite that, police are putting all their efforts to make people aware of wearing a mask. But people won’t wear it unless they get to understand its importance on their own.

Although, uploading selfies wearing a mask on social apps can encourage people to understand the importance of masks.  

Moreover, some people need fashion in the mask. They wanna wear a mask that suits or matches their dress color. And that rubbish in my perspective like seriously, life is not important. Mask is something that protects you rather than what enhances your beauty.

It’s the only coronavirus on words in the world nowadays. The most affected countries by coronavirus are the United States, Spain, Russia, Brazil, and also India is now about to join the list.

Coronavirus has caused vast destruction almost everywhere. Till now there are around 30 lakhs active cases and nearly about 4 lakh deaths all over the world.

Also, in India there are around 95 thousand active cases with nearly 5500 deaths and the virus is spreading very fastly every day. 

Mask is the best way to stop its spread.

At last, technology will resolve everything as it usually does until then be patient. Stay safe! Stay healthy!.

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