Live Corona News India – Keypoints Of The Lockdown Extension

According to the latest updates by Live Corona News India, Prime Minister Modi has extended the lockdown till May 3. The decision was given by PM Modi today, when the initial lockdown started on 25th March, was to be ended. 

Modi said in his speech that these social distancing measures have benefited the country very well, despite the suffering of the economic costs. We need to continually maintain all these prevention methods to restrict the spread of coronavirus in India, he added further.  

Many states like Mumbai, West Bengal, Rajasthan have already extended the lockdown before PM’s speech. Through the medium of TV, Modi also thanked all the Indians for supporting the government in this fight against the COVID-19. 

Key Takeaways Of The Extended Lockdown Speech:

  • Modi said that the decision of lockdown was taken when there are 550 cases of corona in India. He said if this lockdown would not have implemented at that time, the situation of our country could have been worse today. 
  • I know you all have gone through difficult times, I am grateful to you all for your sacrifice and trust towards the country, Modi said. 
  • India’s position is much better than any other big and developed country with 20-30 % more cases than India.
  •  The government will keep an eye on all the states. The states or areas where there is no increase in the corona patient will be getting a special concession by the government after 20th April, but the states have to follow some special and strict guidelines for those concessions.
  •  On 15th April, The government is going to release a detailed guideline about the rules and regulations you have to follow to get these concessions.
  • PM Modi invited the youth scientists to come forward to make the vaccine to cure the coronavirus in India.  
  • Modi also advised downloading the Aarogya Setu app to find whether you have been near to a coronavirus infected person or not. This app will also tell you the number of infected patients in your area.

Restrictions by The Government – Corona News India:

  • Only some essential businesses like groceries and pharmacies are allowed to remain open.
  • Roadways and all other travelling facilities are restricted, only limited to those having special travelling passes and emergency staff.
  • PM Modi also stated that the government will further issue some guidelines regarding the lockdown soon. The rules are going to be tight in the future for us.
  • As per the Live Corona News India, Modi also said to provide facilities to the migrant labours, daily wage workers and farmers. The central and state government will be making shelter hotspots for those poor migrants and will also keep a check whether the rules and regulations are being followed or not. 

Increase In The Coronavirus Cases in India

Despite the fact, the whole country has been under lockdown for a long time, there is a massive increase in the coronavirus cases in India. According to the Health Ministry, there are a total of 8988 infection cases out of which 399 are dead and 1035 have been successfully cured.

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