Live Corona News India: Is Indian Healthcare Sector Prepared to Combat COVID-19?

Coronavirus cases in India are growing at a rapid rate throughout the world. This has caused policymakers to take the issue seriously. And as per live corona news India, they have now started taking measures beneficial for the affected as well as those who could get affected. And not just that, the government has also disseminated vital information suggesting ways to prevent the contraction of this virus. Promoted practices are washing hands and maintaining social distance.

Live Corona News India: What does Effective Measures Healthcare Sector Take?

Although coronavirus cases in the country are on the rise, the numbers are not as alarming as those in countries like Italy and China. In order to keep the impact minimal, the government has urged its citizens to follow certain restrictions so that community spreading can check. 

Nonetheless, Corona in India is for real. And to treat corona infected patients, good medical facilities are required. Private healthcare is not cheap; the poor in the country cannot afford it. So, they resort to public healthcare facilities. But then addressing a healthcare crisis such as Covid-19 is not child’s play for a country with such a huge population. To treat Covid-19 positive cases, isolation wards are required, and those who are ill need intensive care. Since the problem at hand is huge, we need to assess India’s capacity to address it.

Also, because Covid-19 has no known treatment, it will be futile to talk about India’s preparedness in treating the disease.

We will rather talk about countrywide availability of hospital beds.

As per data obtained from National Health Profile- 2019, we have around 713986 government hospital beds in India. That means, 0.55 beds are available for around 1000 people. Since this virus has seen to have affected the older people above 60 years the most, the care they need is also significant. On the national level, elderly people have around 5.18 beds for every 1000 people. 

One thing that needs to take into account here is that a lot of states don’t even touch the above-mentioned 0.55 mark. Some of these states are Manipur, Assam, Odisha, Maharashtra, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Jharkhand and Bihar. But the scary part is that these 12 states alone account for around 70% of the population of the country. The condition of Bihar is deplorable with 0.11 bed available for around 1000 people. The condition of West Bengal and Sikkim are better as they have a count of 2.25 and 2.34 government hospital beds for every 1000 people, respectively. Tamil Nadu and Kerala are not lagging behind either, with 1.1 and 1.05 bed per 1000 people, respectively. Delhi’s availability is 1.05 per 1000 of the population. 

Talking about beds available especially for the elderly population, states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu and north-eastern states are far ahead.

So, from the discussion above, it is evident that the number of beds available to people in India is FVlow. That means, if ever Covid-19 grows to an uncontrollable size in the country, the problems and plight of the people here will grow manifold.

Further, out of all the patients that get affected by this disease, around 5 to 10% need special care like ventilator support. Research studies being done in this field are making alarming projections linked to this outbreak. Some say that there might be around 2.2 million coronavirus cases in India by May 15th of 2020. This directly means that we will need around 110000 to 220000 ventilators to meet this massive demand.

Although we don’t have exact figures regarding how many ventilators are available in the government sector. Yet from calculated guesses made by surveyors, it can conclude that about 50000 ventilators will need to meet demands. The exact figures are not really important here. As, from the number of hospital beds alone, we can understand that the demand for ventilators will easily surpass supply.

The government is well aware of the situation and is taking measures to check the community spread of this disease by enforcing social distancing by means of the world’s biggest lockdown.

As a solution, the government has stopped the export of critical medical equipment. They should begin setting up emergency medical facilities wherever possible. If building new infrastructure is going to cost a fortune, the government should use spaces like stadiums to accommodate patients. They can also resort to the beds and other medical facilities available with private healthcare providers.

It is crisis time, and there is no denying that we all need to help each other. Talking about healthcare, it is only through a public-private association, that even unattainable results can be made attainable.

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