India v/s Pakistan Against Covid-19

The entire Universe is fighting this epidemic situation. Although it’s not a game like cricket, there are still people like me, who are interested when it’s about the comparison between India and Pakistan.

Along with this interest, I would like to light on the cases of Covid-19 and its outcome on both of the countries. I have mentioned its data wise detail for a better and clear picture.

It’s always a piece of big news when it’s about India and Pakistan whether it’s some controversy, debate, game or any serious action between both of them. Now without to hold you in this intro part I pull you down in my content.

Be with me if you Love your Nation.


1- Why India has one of the lowest ratios of Covid-19 cases per capita in the world

2-  Pakistan with Pandemic

3- Statistic Comparison against Covid-19

4- How People hosting to educate about Covid-19

5- Conclusion


India is Among Countries With Lowest Ratios of Covid-19 Cases Per Capita

It’s a perilous journey for every country who is armed to fight with novel virus COVID-19. Instead of writing about coronavirus, I am more likely to divert your focus on how India is fighting this epidemic situation. When you look at the global news, you will see that most of what we hear about India’s response to COVID-19 is negative. You will see that the second Biggest Nation of the world has a very bad Coronavirus Situation.

But the numbers say something else. Different from my assumption, India the big nation has one of the lowest Covid-19 cases per capita in the world. This is why it’s recommended to not just focus on negative news. India took the virus seriously before many other countries. They imposed the largest lockdown in the history of our planet. 1.3 Billion People under a lockdown? That is an extreme measure.

They did this very early when there were only 600 Cases in the Whole Country, and it paid off. It paid off with most of the people understanding how serious the virus is. It paid off with slowing down the spread There are a lot many countries can learn from India; learn that sometimes we need to take more extreme measures in order to save lives. And that’s exactly what India is doing.

Pakistan with Pandemic

Like other countries, Pakistan is also going through a very tough situation. The 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic was confirmed to have reached Pakistan in February 2020. As of 17 April 2020, the number of confirmed cases in the country is over 7,000, with 1,765 recoveries and 135 deaths. Punjab is currently the region with the highest number of cases at over 3,200.

The country has been put under a nation-wide lockdown until 30 April, which was initiated on 1 April and later extended

In the map above,  the confirmed cases of Covid are marked with red and suspected with blue color.

According to a report by the federal government, Pakistan could expect 50,000 more cases by 25 April. A Tablighi Jamaat religious congregation which took place in Lahore in early March 2020; ended up becoming a coronavirus super-spreader across the country.

Statistic Comparison against Covid-19

We had a statistical comparison between India and Pakistan of Covid-19. In Pakistan, there are 33 positive cases out of 1000000 (1 Million) people. On the other hand,  in India; we have 10 positive cases out of 1000000 (1 Million) People.

For more clarity, check this out with the graph below.



India V/S Pakistan Data

How People Are Educating Around About Covid-19


We have many examples where people are involved to educate their surroundings in innovative ways. They are drawing their talent to beat the Covid-19 and it’s really appreciated to use this free time to spread awareness.

There is a recent tweet by Indian Prime Minister “Narendra Modi”, in which he shared an innovative video with an awareness message regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. The video featured a few children who explain the significance of social distancing and lockdown using some bricks as dominoes.

PM Modi said that the children had taught an important lesson on Covid prevention in a fun way. There is a proper category of those who are actively doing their campaigns to spread awareness and it really working out.


Anything between India and Pakistan will always a hot piece of news for everyone. This is a very crucial period to stand together and combat with Covid-19.  Due to the pandemic; the whole economy is down and it will take several years to reach that position once we get rid of it.

All we need is unity… unity with our government so that we can make the necessary changes to win this fight against COVUD 19.

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