India Needs To Improve Health System In Some Cities


India is divided into two areas: urban area and rural area. Urban area, the developed area and rural area, the developing area in all aspects. 

Today, the whole world is suffering from many problems caused by coronavirus including India. But it is not the first time for India, facing the current circumstances. It is like history striking back again.

As, in 1905 India was affected by plague disease and it also caused huge devastation specifically in India. And now coronavirus( COVID – 19) is doing the same. It reminds the country that a strong health system always acts as a defence mechanism against any disease and in meeting everyday health challenges. 

It has been undervalued to do investment in urban healthcare infrastructure. As a result, today a virus has taken its path in most of the cities and prove itself a single most destructive force to affect economic growth. States with higher numbers of urban populations are increasing the number of cases of coronavirus in India. Though efforts have been done to facilitate urban areas.

Offering the efforts to rural India from the past, but today the country is known with the reality of the urban healthcare system. About 60% of hospitals in urban India are acquired by the private sector, so all of them can’t be regulated in small areas of urban slums as a result India’s cities continue to face problems from high burden of diseases.

At the time of this crisis, a good and stronger structure of the primary health care system in the cities could work as in removing the burden from the tertiary health system and availing testing and care facilities. 

# How To Make It Applicable? 

1* Though to make it reliable, once a National Urban Health Mission( NUHM) was launched in 2013 to provide primary health services to the urban poor people and slums. This programme achieved its peak between 2015 to 2018. And now it’s the time to relaunch this programme in order to receive possible health outcomes even from rural India. 

2* We should again think about the smart cities mission. That was launched with the aim of promoting cities that provide infrastructure and currently constructing health infrastructure. According to data under this mission, it reveals that only 69 projects of the around 6000 projects were related with building health infrastructure. Now it is a great opportunity to reopen this scheme in order to make cities sustainable to handle disease better.

3* There are some regions where the people won’t get proper supply of clean water, ill-maintained toilets community. Well, nearly half of the Mumbai’s populations are facing this problem. This caused the huge burden of disease for Maharashtra. So it needs to improve.

At least these are the opinions, it is only the government which will decide what to do or what to don’t. 

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