Coronavirus Live India: How Is India Helping Their Citizens Stuck in Other Countries

Out of worst coronavirus affected countries, Iran and UAE are of prime concern for India. This is because of the fact that there are so many Indians standard there. As per coronavirus live india, around 18th March this year, the total number of Indians abroad. These are affected by this virus, 276. 255 out of this total were in Iran. 12 were in UAE and 5 in Italy.

Coronavirus Live India: Are You Stuck In Another Country?

So, it’s evident that the largest number of Indians currently abroad having Covid-19 are in Iran. 255 is an alarming number, and the government has already rolled up its leaves to help these Indians waiting for government assistance.

Although infected Indians are also in Rwanda, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka, their number is certainly not alarming.

The good news is- Indian government has taken the issue seriously. It is putting arduous efforts to help all the people stranded in these countries. Even the govt of the other countries are showing diligence in putting forward any assistance that might be required by these people. They are getting in touch with the local authorities of the places where these people are. And ascertaining that they are receiving proper medical attention.

Most of the people in need of government assistance are standard in hotels and other similar accommodations in a place called Qom. It’s important to note here that Qom is one of the worst coronavirus, hitting regions of Iran.

On 16th March, 53 people were sent to India from Iran. These people constituted the fourth batch of evacuated people. With these 53, the number of people who have so far been sent to India by Iran goes up to 389.

The reason why Indian government is observing urgency in this situation is that Iran is one of the worst victims in the world with respect to Corona. Note that by 18th March, the total number of detected cases of coronavirus in Iran was 14000. The number of people who died were 700.

It’s sad that coronavirus has now been declared a pandemic and has affected and killed thousands across the globe. Currently, Coronavirus cases in India have risen to 1000. And 25 people have already died. It goes without saying that the situation is grave with corona in India causing deaths, and needs the undivided attention of the government, and cooperation by people.

Thankfully, the government is actively taking steps. It is helping citizens as well as foreigners in the country in every way possible. Most visas into India have suspended. Travel restrictions have also extended. The country has banned the entry of passengers from European Union countries. And also the members of the European Free Trade Association. People from the United Kingdom and Turkey have also restricted to enter the country.

To make sure the virus doesn’t make its way into the Indian territory, the government has also applied the restrictions on Indian citizens in all these countries.

Apart from trying to restrict the inflow of infected people into India, the government has also taken measures to check community spreading by keeping schools and other academic institutions and offices closed. Tourist spots, cinema halls and gyms have also been shut down. 

Although the government is on track and is trying its best to curve the implications of this crisis, the overstressed health system in the country treating Coronavirus Cases could act as a hindrance. But then the government is taking measures to address this issue also.

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