How to Get Over Your Boredom During Lockdown of Corona in India

Coronavirus cases in India are on a constant rise. So, we, the people living here, will have to be more cautious than ever. It’s not just the physical health that we should be worried about, but even the mental health should be taken good care of. With rising coronavirus casesin the country, one thing that everyone has constantly been experiencing is a feeling of panic. And this panic has directly resulted in stress. The fact that we are all under lockdown only adds to the plight. Thankfully, you can’t just get out of this feeling of stress but can also beat the boredom that has resulted from this countrywide lockdown due to Corona in India.

Wondering how to go about it? Well, read on!

What to Do During Lockdown of Corona in India?

1. The first thing that you’ll have to understand is that it is absolutely ok to feel frightened, confused, stressed or sad during this time. And you can beat it effectively by interacting with people whom you can trust. Maybe you can send messages or make calls to your family and friends. Trust this- you will feel much better.

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2. If you have self-quarantined yourself, then you will have to be sure that you are following a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you are on a proper diet, you are sleeping well, exercising regularly and contacting your near and dear ones regularly. But don’t contact anyone in person. Emails, calls, messages and other virtual channels are just perfect during this coronavirus outbreak.

the image shows a healthy lifestyle we should follow during quarantine

3. If you are feeling overwhelmed because of your emotions, don’t resort to alcohol, drugs or smoking for relief. These are not the right things to bank upon at the time of a health crisis as serious as covid-19. The best way out would be to have a consultation with a counselor or any health worker. Get thinking and devise a plan regarding how to go about accessing such assistance. Remember, it is extremely important to seek medical help not just when you feel sick or weak physically, but also when you feel not ok in terms of mental health.

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4. During this period of corona in India, you have a lot of free time at hand, and you can utilize it to gather the information that might help you in some way or the other. You will have to find out yourself how much risk you are at so that you can take precautions timely.

person gathering information from TV


While finding out information, make sure you get it only from trusted sources such as the WHO website or any state or local public health organization.

  • During the lockdown time, it is natural for people to rely heavily on the television for not just news but also entertainment. After all, there is nothing much that you can do other than that. But one of the prime reasons why so many people in India have begun to feel stressed about their health is because they are constantly feeding on the information that is being disseminated through television. It’s not that you will have to go off the grid completely, but you will have to be selective about what you watch. You don’t need all the upsetting information that is making rounds of the country right now. Just be informed about what is important and take good care of your health and hygiene; you will not feel more terrified.
  • We suffer from crises in life more than once. So, let your experience help you. Just try to remember how you coped up with your stress the last time you had it really bad. The reason why this is important is that different people deal with stress in different ways. And you might not be benefited from any measure that someone else has taken. 

No doubt, there are Coronavirus Cases in the country, but that simply doesn’t mean you too will get sick. So, don’t be stressed. By following the steps mentioned above, you will definitely be able to bid adieu to stress and boredom once and for all. Remember, acting responsibly is the only thing that can help you at a time of crisis such as this.

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