Full Efforts To Defeat The Disease (COVID-19)


As we all know what coronavirus( COVID- 19) did in recent months to the world, caused huge destruction. India is one of the countries where it spread faster and caused devastation. 

Till now, deaths in India claim to be more than 9500 with faster rising inactive cases. It’s for the first time that every scientist and expert focuses on a single disease. Current data shows that scientists are working at warp speed to find a treatment for the disease ( COVID- 19), which has affected millions of people and killed lakhs of people in about six months.

It was announced as a novel coronavirus by the world health organization ( WHO) on January 30, 2020, when it had infected about 7800 people. Scientists from all around the world are stepped up to defeat the health threat disease. By using all the techniques and advanced tools to focus on a single disease and develop its vaccine.

Work on a vaccine for coronavirus( COVID – 19) also called sars- cov- 2 was Firstly done by China on January 11. On average, vaccine development requires 10.71 years with a success rate of 6% as described by a study. By June 12 there are 10 experiments done in advanced stages to find a vaccine that can cure the disease.

Scientists are working all over the world on emerging technology platforms to develop a vaccine, and the platforms never ever used before for the development of vaccines. 

# What Will be An Ideal Vaccine?

Vaccine development requires at least 3 human trials in order to check the safety, duration of dosage, improvement in health condition. Many like these trials will be done to get ready for use, a vaccine that will work effectively against the disease within 6 to 8 months. 

With coronavirus, the utmost goal from the beginning was to develop a vaccine on an average scale of billions of doses as soon as possible. The development of vaccines requires three phases. Phase 1, trials are required to separate contenders from pretenders. Phase 2, developers may start mass manufacturing as soon as they pass phase 2. Phase 3, countries’ funds will be used to reduce the risk of failure. 

Development of vaccine is another aspect, what is crucial is self protections taking all precautions against the disease.

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