Corona Live Updates India: Facilities That Government Promises to Migrant Labourers

large amount of migrant labours waiting on the railway station

Looking for Corona live updates India regarding facilities that Government promises to migrant labourers? Well, look no further than our post.

The 21-day-lockdown that India has brought many different implications to many different sections of people in the country. But it has affected the migrant labourers the most. Owing to the lockdown, these labourers are going back to their native villages as there is apparently no work for them in big cities.

Corona Live Updates India: Govt Facilities to Migrant Labourers

The Government has acknowledged this problem to be grave and has decided to slightly loosen up the ongoing restrictions so that labourers can return without the hassle and at least get shelter and food for survival.

large amount of migrant labours going inside a roadways bus

According to our latest updates, the Government has decided to help these people in two major ways. One, they will facilitate their safe transport. Secondly, they will set up shelters for them in their place of work.

Discussions and meetings among Government officials are on, and they are trying to come up with effective measures to handle this crisis situation. They have appealed to the civil society members as well to come forward and help these people in any manner possible.

a poor migrant labour with his son

A considerable size of this migrant labourers’ population is from states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Talks are underway regarding how to help these people who are facing the repercussions of this worldwide menace.

Uttar Pradesh government is planning to set up night shelters for such labourers so that they are not homeless during this time of crisis. Even Bihar district authorities are looking into the subject seriously and planning to put strategies in place. This will ensure that the labourers who have means of public transport will at least have meals for survival. Not only the labourers, but also the Govt is also providing monetary aids to widows and senior citizens. 

migrant labours resting under the shelters provided by the government

Since labour is a concurrent subject and transport is handled by states, both are coming together to resolve this issue at hand in a way that would be highly beneficial to migrant laborers.

Centre has repeatedly asked everyone to refrain from panicking and feeling stressed. It is actively taking steps to address all the issues arising due to the current lockdown.

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