Earthquake Showed Its Presence In Rohtak, Haryana


Nature is one of the true friends of humans. A human can acquire almost everything he needs from nature without any cost whether it’s food, shelter, medicine, and many more herbs which can enhance one’s beauty and most importantly oxygen which one requires to live. The only thing nature asks in regard to this is care.

On the other hand, humans are the true enemies of nature. They use nature as their own property for fulfilling their self needs. Thousands of trees are cut every day for fulfilling human needs and pollution is increasing day by day. 

This resulting in increasing global warming and causing life-threatening phenomena like Flooding, tsunami, drought, and the most occurring so often the earthquakes. The same happened in Rohtak, Haryana. 

When the National Centre for seismology said, a low-intensity earthquake of magnitude nearly about 2.8 struck in Rohtak, Haryana. The earthquake occurred at 12:58 pm and at a depth of about 5 km. Though it didn’t cause any damage to property or any loss of life, it was good news.

This was so often an occurrence of earthquakes in parts of Haryana. The last earthquake reported was on June of 19 that struck early in the morning at around 5:37 am.

Not only Haryana is facing the earthquakes, Delhi NCR has reported 18 earthquakes since April 12. Amongst 18 earthquakes 8 are likely to belong to the regions of Rohtak.

Earthquakes with high frequency have been reported by the Delhi NCR in the past two months which results from the movement of the Northward Indian plate. Though these quakes didn’t cause much damage and injury but such a strong earthquake can’t be let go, sad PIB.

‘Wadia Institute Of Himalayan Geology’ the institute of the department of science and technology said that all the earthquakes in Delhi NCR occurred due to the release of string energy resulting from movement of the northward India plate and collide with the Eurasian plate just because of the fault of weak zones.

These all-natural phenomena are occurring because of human activities over nature. And one can stop all these phenomenons if he takes care of nature and returns what it takes ex: plant a tree if cut one.

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