Corona in India – Blame Game Between China and the USA

As the world heads towards a global crisis, this time perpetrated by a virus – COVID – 19, the USA and China are fighting it out amongst themselves. Read this news report by Corona News India. As people are racing to find a solution to contain the spread of this virus, the USA and China find themselves at loggerheads again, why – the very fundamental question, who is responsible for the spread of this virus! The USA is of the opinion that this is a “Chinese virus,”, as pompously declared by US President Donald Trump. China has engaged in another vicious attack by claiming that it was the US soldiers who had planted the virus in Chinese soil. So, what is the veracity of these allegations? Are they completely baseless, or is there any truth to it? 

Corona in India and Other Countries – What Has China said?

According to statements issued by China, amidst the rising Coronavirus Cases across the world, they laid some really heavy allegations against the USA. It was the US soldiers who had come and implanted the virus in China, back in the year 2019. Thus, implying that it was a strategic move by the US government to harm the entire country. 

How Has the USA Responded?

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The allegations, of course, have deemed to be baseless by the US government. They had earlier retaliated by saying that the virus is a Chinese virus, which, in turn, has prompted widespread racism against South Asians in the USA and some other parts of the world as well. However, after a request from the Chinese President Xi Jinping, the US President retracted his earlier statement about calling the Corona Virus, a Chinese one, but with some highlights as well, indicating that this all started when China first accused the USA of bringing the virus to their country via the US soldiers. And also that China should not take this personally since many viruses got their name after the places from where it started spreading, like Ebola, Lyme disease, etc. 

Corona in India – How Did the Virus Originate?

As the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise, so are the number of fatalities with each passing day. More and more people are becoming invested in trying to find an answer to the question – how did this virus suddenly appear and from where?

Here are some facts: 

  • The virus was first detected in the Wuhan province of China way back in 2019 where it had continued to spread and an increasing number of fatalities. 
  • The Chinese Government didn’t take this seriously. The country didn’t take any steps to contain the virus and thus, gets spread all over the country. 
  • Chinese people, even the ones infected, didn’t get any restrictions from traveling. Hence, as people traveled, the virus gets spread worldwide. Thus, the number of cases began to rise steadily in China. 
  • The Global Federation of Health had called for an intervention into the matter by sending medical officials to China. But they were denied entry. 
  • Today, the world is reeling from the epidemic as more and more countries enter into lockdowns to contain the coronavirus. On the other hand, China has finally started to lift the lockdown. Because it has been able to contain the number of cases. How? A mystery yet to solve since there are no international reports from China now. 

China Offered Help

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China has agreed to lend a hand of help to the countries, which are worst affected by this virus. Barring the COVID-19, China and USA’s trade relations had also taken a hit back in 2019, with many restrictions being imposed on the various tariff rates.

Some say this is a play of China to bring the US economy to a standstill. And others say this is nothing but the work of the pesky virus. What is the truth? Maybe, this one will remain unsolved for many years to come!

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