Coronavirus Cases In 6 States Increased Rapidly As Migrants Return

As we well know, a few days ago the government gave 15 days to the migrant workers to send them back to their home. In which over one crore of migrated workers were transported from all across the country. Among them almost 28 lakhs workers returned to Bihar.

Although it was a great decision, in favor of workers. And the government also appealed to the states( where they returned) in order to make employment opportunities for the workers.

But, now the decision is starting to prove wrong. As corona cases increased so rapidly in the states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam, West Bengal and Odisha as compared to other states in the country since the migrants returned. 

Well, according to a research, it shows that in these countries cases for coronavirus disease rise 8.2 times since May, whereas the rest of the country rise 7 times only. The numbers of daily cases seem to be increasing so fastly from the past few weeks as soon as migrants started returning to their homes.

Among the six states, cases rise with high speed only in four states( Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Jharkhand, West Bengal), and in Bihar and Odisha, the condition seems to be under control. 

Though these states ensure that their daily testing is also enhanced. Well, it is true that cases in the whole country also rise sharply. Well, these states used to contribute 10.5% of total cases in the country which is not more nor less. But now this figure increased to almost 12% by 8 June. 

Also reporting new cases in a week was used to be 8% in the month of March but now it seems to be double 16% as in the month of June. Well, this is the figure for cases, the figure for deaths is even dangerous and surprising.

With the increasing number of cases, deaths are increasing as well. A rough figure to show its growth could be, death has grown from 7.5% to 10% just in a month. Which is shocking isn’t it?

# Conclusion 

Finally, we can judge the rate of spread of the virus as on day one each state recorded 100 cases and within 30 to 40 days a number of infected people were on peak and that happened after migrants returned. 

Uttar Pradesh takes 23 days to report the 100th case where Jharkhand is considered as safe as it takes 43 days to report the 100th case.

 At least, till now there is no vaccine for coronavirus, there is nothing that can stop it either. So only you can protect yourself, cases will increase until a vaccine is discovered but before it, you should take every precaution and stay safe! Stay healthy!

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