CORONA NEWS: Why China lied about COVID-19? All we need to know..

The outbreak of COVID-19, from late December till now in India, has created a terror in the people’s minds. With a total of 40,279 confirmed cases out of which 28,097 are active cases with 1390 deaths alongside.

As per the reports, china was previously aware of this upcoming reign of terror, but to save millions of dollars, china didn’t declare about this upcoming pandemic globally.

China hide the truth to the world about COVID-19 outbreak, intentionally vanquishing useful information thus shackling the efforts in developing the vaccine, claimed a spy dossier on Saturday.

As per the reports, China declined to accept that COVID-19 can spread among humans in the early stages of the Corona outbreak.

“As the Chinese authorities also inspected Wuhan during the early stages of the outbreak, but they found no evidence of human-to-human transmission of novel-corona virus,” said WHO.

China censored many news which highlights anything about the coronavirus, like “SARS-Variation”, “Wuhan Seafood Market”, “Wuhan Unknown Pneumonia”

Before the lockdown in Beijing, the government of Beijing presses the US, Italy, India, and other countries not to protect themselves via travel restrictions, even though China had imposed the restrictions at homes, reported The Sun, a media website.

It will gradually affect the trade of China with other nations worldwide. In India, there will be much lesser usage of products having a “MADE IN CHINA” label. Thus, will uplift the domestic production.


With over 40,000 confirmed cases so far and deaths above 1300, COVID-19 is showing it’s true colors. On May 2, India recorded a peak in the number of cases with 2411 cases so far in a single day. It was the highest number of cases so far in India on a single day. 

The “Special Trains” for the migrant might also become a major factor in widespread of the coronavirus, said doer.

The thing that is in everyone’s mindset is, “How will India fight against  novel-coronavirus in the future?” and “How far will the Indian Economy be able to recover the loss?”

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