Corona News India: “Special Corona Fees” imposed on Drinkers in Delhi

According to Corona News India: The government made some relaxations after 3rd May including opening of Liquor Shops but people took undue advantage of it and now they have to face ‘Special Corona Fees’.

What Actually Happened

After the beginning of the third phase of lockdown on Monday, the government decided to give some relaxations to different shop and business owners and opening of liquor shops was one of them. As this news reached the people, there was a huge rush outside these shops. Hundreds of people had lined up without any thought of social distancing.

What Police Did

After seeing this much violation of social distancing, the Police were forced to take some serious actions. They had to baton charge in some areas and were even forced to close some shops.

Action Taken By the Government

After this incident happened, The Delhi Government has said that it will charge a “Special Corona Fee” on the sale of alcohol from Tuesday, a day after liquor shops were opened in the National capital after more than 1 month. This order was issued by the Delhi’s Finance Department late Monday night. The order signed by the Deputy Secretary reads ” 70% of the Maximum Retail Price(MRP) on all the categories of liquor sold through Retail Licenses for Consumption off the premises”. Which means that if a liquor bottle with a pre-tax MRP costs Rs1000, we will now have to pay Rs1700.

It has been said by the officials that the “Special Corona Tax” will help in boosting the revenue which has been badly hit due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that it could help the Delhi government to earn some revenue from the liquor sales with lockdown hitting businesses and tax collection.

Coronavirus Status in Delhi

The total number of cases in Delhi till today have reached more than 4,000, with the total Death Toll at 64 and the no. of people recovered are 1,431.

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