Corona News India: Pandemic Eating Up India Slowly

The whole world is in a stage of complete chaos right now. A sense of fear and panic can be felt all around us. Despite having more than 1 billion population, India is doing quite well in handling the situation. But the question is that; for how long can the indian government prevent the massive widespread spread of the virus? 

Even with continuous extension of lockdown, the no. of cases in India are still increasing. About 1000-1200 positive cases are still recorded every single day.

Just imagine for a second, what’s going to happen if the lockdown would be completely removed? It’ll be an entire massacre. The situation would be rather like in America and Italy, or perhaps worse. Because the population of India is almost 3 times that of America or Italy.

How India Is Coping Up With The Virus

As of today, the total cases in India are now more than 37,000, with total deaths around 1,200 and more than 9,000 people have been recovered. There are still plenty of individuals that haven’t been tested. 

Like many nations, India doesn’t have enough kits to check most of its population for the coronavirus. The country is instead relying on people’s power: hundreds and thousands of health-care workers are spreading out across the country to trace and quarantine people that may have any contact with any infected person. People are usually only tested if they develop any symptoms. Some people with the virus don’t show any symptoms, so they don’t seem to be detected unless they’re tested properly.

India also has one of the lowest test rates per capita in the world. Testing still must be an essential part of India’s COVID-19 control strategy, and expanded rapidly, or infectious are going to be missed, says Gangadeep Kang, Executive Director of the Translational Health Science and Technology Institute in Faridabad.

Indian Government Dealing With Poverty During This Pandemic


The people who are suffering the most from the lockdown are the daily wage workers and students living in several parts of the globe. Due to the initiation of lockdown, daily wage earners are all unemployed now. They do not have enough resources to manage till lockdown opens and to add on this problem, almost 90% of them are from different states and were living on rent and now they cannot afford it. Somewhat the same state is of scholars living across the world. They’re struck at their places, away from their home and families and are living in fear.

Government is trying their best to help them. Government has released a fund of more than Rs50,000 Crore to assist these people sustain until the whole situation improves. Not only the government but many Bollywood and Telugu Stars have also contributed some amount to assist these people in need. They’re sending different transportation facilities to bring the scholars back in India from different countries safely.

We must always be proud of how much our country cares for us. So as a responsible individual we have some responsibility towards our country. There are many ways you can contribute towards the country and society. Corona news india have researched and found the top 2 ways of, how an individual can contribute towards the country during this pandemic?

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