Corona News India: Highest Deaths from the virus in a single day recorded in Mumbai

According to Corona News India, on May 3rd, 2020 Mumbai faced some serious number of deaths in a day due to COVID-19 and they were the highest ever recorded in a single day.


Just after a day when the no. of deaths has started to drop, the death toll in Mumbai rose to 27 on Saturday, the highest recorded in a single day. The daily count of new cases wss also high, as 89 new cases were in Dharavi in a single day.


On Saturday, the deaths reported in Maharashtra were 36 and 27 of them were from Mumbai, 3 in Pune and Amravati and one each in Vasai-Virar and Aurangabad. In addition to the 27 deaths in Mumbai, a resident of West Bengal living in the city has also died, State Health Officials said. It is said by Civic Officials that 20 of those patients were suffering from other ailments such as Hypertension and Diabetes and other 15 were in the age group of 40-59 years.


89 new cases were recorded in Dharavi on Saturday and 38 new cases on Friday took the total count of cases to 496. Among other areas, Kumbharwada continued to be a Hotspot area with 16 new cases within two days and Kunchikurve Nagar with 10 new cases. Apart from Dharavi, 17 new cases were reported in Mahim in the past two days and 13 cases in Dadar, said by Civic Officials.

G South Ward’s Civic Officials said “The situation is much better at Worli Koliwada and Jijamata Nagar. However, there are a no. of cases coming from Prem Nagar and BDD Chawl,” said Shatad Ughade, Assisstant Municipal Commissioner of G South Ward. Hecalso added that the decision of relaxing the restrictions will be taken next week.


In Nair Hospital, two engineers working in the Maintenance Department were also found positive. The in-charge of Nair Hospital, Dr. Mohan Joshi said that, “These engineers caught infection from the areas where they live and not by any contact with COVID patients.

Coronavirus Status in Maharashtra

In Maharashtra, 790 new cases and from them, 547 were of Mumbai, and the city now has a total of 8,359 cases. In areas across the state, 121 patients were discharged after a full proper recovery.

Till date, Maharashtra is still at the top with over 12,000 patients and 521 deaths

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