Corona News India: Bihar Cases Climbs To 487 Ahead Of Migrant Immigration

May 1, on the occasion of Labor’s Day, the government allowed some Special Trains for the migrants who are far away from their homes, but under some conditions and precautions. In numbers, around 10 million people were there out of which a huge mass of people were from Bihar.


On April 14, during the first lockdown semester, only 12 out of 38 districts reported COVID-19 positive cases. The number of cases on April 14 was 66 which has increased to 487 on May 2. By the end of the second spell of lockdown, the figure in the number of districts increased to 30 out of 38, which is a big number if taken into comparison.


The total number of 257 cases were reported between April 25 and May 1, which shows the rapid widespread of COVID-19 within a few days.


“This might be a challenging phase for the whole state as more and more people are returning to their hometowns from all over India and we have to be prepared for it.”, said a state government official.

The biggest fear of the phase is that the cases grew up rapidly during the second semester of lockdown as many of the migrants were unaware of this pandemic. 


Many districts in Bihar such as Madhubani, Sitamarhi, Purnea, and Darbangha had zero active cases until the last week of April. But on Friday, Madhubani reported 13 cases and is now having the highest number of cases, i.e. 18 in the North Bihar along with Darbhanga which has 6 and Sitamarhi with 7 active cases. Madhubani and Darbhanga are now in the orange zone.


Madhubani shares its border with Nepal, thereby the migrant workers will be more in number, eventually increasing the concerns for the officials and ministries.


There will be a lockdown in Nepal till May 7.


“There will be proper facilities of surveillance over the migrants. All the outsiders have to spend the required time in quarantine”, officials said.


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