Corona News: Corona Strikes Ambala; 25 Positive Cases

According to Corona News India, 23 new cases were stirred up in Ambala on Monday. These cases were confirmed by Dr. Kuldeep Singh, the Civil Surgeon of Ambala. 

However, 25 new cases were confirmed earlier by Home Minister Anil Vij.

Civil Surgeon Dr. Kuldeep Singh told that earlier 25 cases were confirmed by phone from Khanpur Medical College but now officially 23 cases have been confirmed in writing. Has gone, they include a female doctor.

This female doctor was in the emergency department without PPE kit services for the past several days.

The city which was yet safe from the pandemic suddenly got a big blast with a big number of coronavirus confirmed cases.

Used To Eat Food In The Langar Regularly

The reason for their corona infection is being told that some of these laborers used to eat food regularly at Langar. From there, they must have come in contact with some corona positive. However, contact tracking of all the people exposed to them has been started.

The reports also estimate that there might be more cases and the exact figure is not yet known. 

5 Deaths In Haryana So Far

In Haryana, 442 people have been found corona positive so far and 34 have been treated. 5 people have died in the state due to this epidemic. Corona continues to wreak havoc in the country. According to government figures, 42,533 cases of Kovid-9 have been reported so far. The good thing is that 11,707 patients have recovered and gone home, whereas this deadly virus has killed 1,373 people.

The Current Situation Of Covid-19 In India

COVID-19 in India seems overwhelming and quite hard to handle. On May 2, cases were on the peak that holds 2411 confirmed cases. But, on May 3, that record was also broken. 

The total number of confirmed cases was 2503 all over India which is the highest till now. 

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