Corona in India- New Lockdown Guidelines By Government

On May 14, The government released a fresh set of guidelines for the extended lockdown to control the increasing spread of corona in India. The all-inclusive guidelines contain detailed information about all the rules, regulation and restrictions that we have to follow till the lockdown ends.

The states or areas with no corona case or with no increase in the number of corona patients will get some special concessions and conditional relief from April 20.

Following is the list (PDF format) of the guidelines released by the government on the COVID-19 lockdown- “New Revised Guidelines

Corona in India – Key Takeaways of The New Guidelines For Lockdown

All These Will Be Functioning In The Health Services:

  • Health services like Hospitals, Clinics, Telemedicine Facilities, Dispensaries and all types of Drug shops will remain open to serve.
  • The manufacturing units of Medicines, Oxygen Cylinders and Medical Devices will be working. Also, the construction of the Health Infrastructure will be working.

The Financial Sector Will Remain Working:

  • The Reserve Bank of India, Financial Markets, Bank Branches, ATMs and other Financial units like NPCI, CCIL will be providing services.
  • The SEBI( Securities And Exchange Board of India ) and Insurance companies will be notifying the dept and capital market services.

The Educational Sector:

  • All the Educational, Training and Coaching Institutes will remain closed and will provide the Academic services through online learning till we get rid of corona in India.
  • MNREGA works are allowed to be done but under some strict rules like maintaining Social Distancing and applying Masks.

All These Will Be Active In The Social Sector:

  • Widows, Children, Senior Citizens and Handicap Shelters will be active.
  • Services like Social Security Pensions, Freedom Fighter Pension and Provident Fund services will also remain working.
  • Operation Anganwadis: Distribution of food items once in every 15 days at the doorstep of the needed ones. The Beneficiaries are not allowed to come to the Anganwadis.

Active Public Services:

  • Post offices and all other Postal services.
  • Operation of the Gas and Oil sector including transportation, distribution and storage and retail of products like Diesel, CNG, LPG, PNG.
  • Telecommunication and Internet service will be provided.
  • Loading, unloading and transportation of goods are permitted.

Clearly, the government is making significant efforts to combat Corona in India.  However, with every passing day, we witness a rise in the numbers of positive corona cases. On behalf of Corona News India, we request you to properly follow these new lockdown guidelines and make sure your family members also respect these. Without our support, the government can’t win this fight against Corona, so it’s up to you – who do you want to win?

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