Corona Breaking News: Number Of Infected In India 67,259; 3,561 New Cases In Last 24 Hours

COVID-19 in India is now showing it’s true colors. With over 52000 cases and over 1800 deaths, novel-coronavirus is now playing with the healths of people.

India has now gained the spot of 14 among the ‘TOP 15 CORONAVIRUS-INFLUENCED COUNTRIES’. The recovery rate from COVID-19 in India is only 29% and there is a 3.9% chance that’ if tested your reports will be positive, says the data and reports.

The highest number of cases are in the countries of America and Europe and South American countries like Brazil and Peru also have more cases than India.

According to the Union Health Ministry and latest corona news reports, by 9 am on Thursday, the total cases of coronavirus in India has increased to 52952, although there are 15267 people who have recovered completely after being infected with the virus, i.e. the recovery rate of coronavirus in India Has increased to 29 percent. 

The recovery rate in India is higher than the US but we are far behind in Europe because after China this virus caused havoc directly in Europe and now people are starting to recover there. The recovery rate in the US so far is 17 percent while it is 63 percent in Spain, 44 percent in Italy, and 31 percent in France.

Testing In India, Then Vs Now

Testing of coronavirus in India is now gaining momentum and India has joined the 7 highest testing countries worldwide. As of 9 am Thursday, more than 13.57 lakh tests have been done in the country and now every day 80-85 thousand people are getting corona tests. 

So far 52,952 cases of corona have been reported in India i.e. the rate of people found positive after the corona test is 3.9 percent. In the US, Spain, Italy, France, Britain, Germany, and Russia this rate is higher than India.

India vs Other Countries

The death toll due to coronavirus in the country has increased to 1783, i.e., 3.37 percent of the total Coronavirus cases reported in the country have lost their lives. 

In this case, India seems to be in a better position than the countries of America and Europe, but countries like Russia, South Korea, and Australia are also better than India in this case. In Russia, more than 1.65 lakh people are infected with the coronavirus, but 1537 people have died there. India has more than three times the number of cases in Russia but deaths in India are more than there.

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