Mask Has Become A Part Of Ones Uniform

There was a time when no one knew about coronavirus. But now things have changed a lot, now a very single individual knows about coronavirus. Although everything will stop all of a sudden. Besides having good and best health facilities, not even a single country is able to stop its spread and deaths caused by […]

Relaxation Over Lock Down By The Government

We all are kept inside our houses since the last week of March due to the widespread coronavirus disease (COVID-19). We may compare ourselves as a prisoner in prison walking on government guidelines. So after all the restrictions and guidelines, the government is giving some relaxation. Like opening schools, colleges, places of worship, malls, restaurants, […]

India’s Ban On Drug Export That May Cure Corona In India

The drug which was titled as “game-changer” by President Trump, has been banned for export  by the indian government. The drug is said to have the potential to cure corona in India.  This action was taken after Trump’s decision of“retaliation”, if Indian authorities did not dispose of the ban on the export of hydroxychloroquine. Trump […]

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