A COVID-19 Patient Died As Doctor Removed The Ventilator Support

As we all are well aware that the cases for COVID- 19 in India are increasing every day and the situation is going to get worst and worst. Daily increasing cases are building a huge burden on doctors and hospitals. But behind all of these, there’s something happening, something very strange:- In Hyderabad, a 26-year-old […]

Delhi Breaks It’s Record Of Conducting COVID-19 Tests A Day

As we all are well aware of the destruction caused by a coronavirus in the world. Even in India, till now the total no. Of cases is nearly about 5 lakhs with 2 lakhs of active cases and about 15000 deaths.  Amongst all the cities in India, Delhi is one of the cities with the […]

Earthquake Showed Its Presence In Rohtak, Haryana

Nature is one of the true friends of humans. A human can acquire almost everything he needs from nature without any cost whether it’s food, shelter, medicine, and many more herbs which can enhance one’s beauty and most importantly oxygen which one requires to live. The only thing nature asks in regard to this is […]

An Ayurvedic Vaccine For Novel Coronavirus By Swami Ramdev

Apart from discovering a vaccine for coronavirus(COVID- 19) all around the world. All the scientists of every developed and smart country are trying every day to make such but couldn’t bring out an effective one. Though many vaccines developed for the disease(coronavirus) within a span of time but they didn’t work as they were made […]

A Meeting On June 19 For India China Border Situation

As we all are well aware of the incidents happening at the India China Border from recent days. And a recent incident happened a day before, in which Chinese soldiers first fired at Indian soldiers and technology firing from both sides( India and China) took place. In which 20 soldiers of the India army and […]

Full Efforts To Defeat The Disease (COVID-19)

As we all know what coronavirus( COVID- 19) did in recent months to the world, caused huge destruction. India is one of the countries where it spread faster and caused devastation.  Till now, deaths in India claim to be more than 9500 with faster rising inactive cases. It’s for the first time that every scientist […]

Kurukshetra University Is Yet To Decide It’s Future Action

As per COVID – 19(coronavirus) hits, it made everything stop including examination(the most important thing from a student point of view). Also many important exams like CBSE board, final year exams stopped and some exams got canceled. But now a big step in regard to it coming into hearing. The government of Haryana has announced […]

India Needs To Improve Health System In Some Cities

India is divided into two areas: urban area and rural area. Urban area, the developed area and rural area, the developing area in all aspects.  Today, the whole world is suffering from many problems caused by coronavirus including India. But it is not the first time for India, facing the current circumstances. It is like […]

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