Corona News India – Can India Combat COVID-19?

Will a developing country like India be able to save mankind from the terror of COVID-19? Here are the stats from live corona news India. 

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, India is having 3rd rank in the list of top 10 populated countries. India is a country with a population of more than 1.3 billion peoples, literacy rate of 74.04% and GDP per capita of 2900.00 USD. It is very low than the other developing(Brazil, Russia, and South Africa) or developed(united states, South Korea, Norway) countries. So the question arises that; will India be able to save their citizens from COVID-19 when all those developed countries like the US or CHINA are failing? Let’s find out will it be able to or not.

At the time of writing, there are a total of 906 confirmed coronavirus cases out of which 20 are dead and 83 are successfully being recovered. The thing is that; on one hand, people are recovering from this virus. But also, on the other hand, the number of patients is increasing day by day.

So another question arises, what is the government of India doing to control the increasing number of infected persons? Let’s find out the answers to all our questions.

Steps taken so far by the Indian government to control the increasing numbers of infected persons:

  1. Quarantine

The first step taken by the Indian government to control the spread of COVID-19 was the lockdown or quarantine. On 24th March, the Indian prime minister announced the world’s biggest quarantine all over the country, till 14th April. In his statement, he said: “To save India and every Indian, there will be a total ban on traveling out of your homes”. In a country like India where most of the people are living in rural and unhealthy areas, this step taken by the Indian government will definitely prove right in the future.   

  1. Restriction on Traveling Abroad

11th march2020, In a meeting of GoM on COVID-19, Indian government takes the decision  that there will a total restriction on traveling abroad. Also, visa-free traveling facilities will be available to the OCI (Overseas Citizenship of India ) cardholders from march 13. It became the headline of corona news India the very next morning. Through the medium of a tweet, Ministry of Health gives this information.

The union minister of road transport and highways also suggested stopping all the railways as well as the roadways facilities. His suggestion was instantly approved and all the railways and roadways facilities were stopped being used from 13th march onwards only,  till 14 th April. The minister also advised for the sanitization of public transport vehicles and terminals, by doing sanitation of seats, handles and bars at all bus terminals will make them disinfected.

  1. Health facilities – Corona in India

 To every low-income earners, the Indian government is providing with 5kg of wheat 

Or rice and 1kg of pulses every month for free. According to Nirmala Sitharaman:

farmers, rural workers, laborers, and low-income widows will receive a benefit of cash transferring.

Additionally, India will provide a medical insurance cover of 5 million rupees per person for front-line workers in the coronavirus outbreak. They include nurses, doctors, paramedics, and sanitation workers in government hospitals. 

What a developed country like the US is doing regarding the spread of COVID-19’s infection.

Us has reached 104,256 total cases of coronavirus out of which 1704 are dead and only 2525 are being successfully recovered. So the question is: what is the US government doing for their citizens to control the spread of the virus? let’s find it out.

The Us government is providing many different facilities like health and safety, education,transportation and etc to their citizens during this serious period of time. 

Health and safety facilities like : Military Community and Family Policy offers advice and information for the military community, For healthcare professionals, they offer FAQs about diagnostic testing.

Educational facilities like:  Department of Education information for schools, Federal Student Aid has information for students, borrowers, and parents.

Transportation facilities like: Department of State has advisories for international travelers, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) offers guidance for air travelers, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) has information about office closings, appointments, and events.

Upcoming projects of Indian government for COVID-19 

  1. Co win-20 App 

The Indian government is planning to launch a new application named CoWin-20. This app helps them to track the infection of corona in its users. And it will find the infected person using the phone’s location.

With this app, the Indian government can track the individual’s travel history to determine the infected person. The application also helps figure how many people might have come in contact with those individuals, then quarantine people if need be. The highlight of the app is that it will track the community transmission of the coronavirus. Corona news India will bring you all the facts related to this application in our upcoming posts. 

  1. The Pune Testing Kit 

A Pune based lab has now discovered the most affordable corona testing kit as per lastest corona news in India. This kit is also known as-PCR(Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction) Testing kit. The kit is already approved by the ICMR and CDSEO. The main advantage of this kit is that it takes very less time to detect and confirm the virus infection. Read more about this RT-PCR kit.

The Conclusion

As if for now we are not sure about anything that will happen to our country. But one thing is for sure that India’s future will depend upon the upcoming 2-3 weeks. We are in between nowhere. Even though researches are going on – its just the blind troubleshooting. Right now, the best is that stay at your home and follow all the necessary precautions. We will get through this. Just have faith in God!

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