An Ayurvedic Vaccine For Novel Coronavirus By Swami Ramdev


Apart from discovering a vaccine for coronavirus(COVID- 19) all around the world. All the scientists of every developed and smart country are trying every day to make such but couldn’t bring out an effective one.

Though many vaccines developed for the disease(coronavirus) within a span of time but they didn’t work as they were made to work. And we all need an effective vaccine as soon as possible as coronavirus has caused huge devastation already. Many scientists failed to bring an effective vaccine for the world. 

But on the other hand, Swami Ramdev the maha guru of Ayurved claims that he has developed an Ayurvedic Vaccine in treating coronavirus and he is very confident about that and named it as ‘Patanjali coronil Ayurvedic medicine‘.

Even when science and knowledge fails, Ayurvedic made it possible. And it made one think that nature is a very good friend of humans and a human can acquire everything from nature if he cares for nature.

But there must be a question striking in everyone’s mind that many vaccines developed throughout the time but they didn’t work so will this vaccine work? And what about its testing? 

Swami Ramdev claims that it can cure a patient within 14 days of usage and it can show improvement in patient recovery since one dose. And he also made it clear that Patanjali coronil medicine has got all the approvals from the ethics committee and CTRI and every protocol was followed that are required before testing any medicine to a human being.

# Specs Of Coronil Medicine

Coronil can cure coronavirus disease by 70 percent for sure. In seven days, medication of coronil is found as successful in treating coronavirus. Swami Ramdev explained it’s importance as in the treatment of coronavirus disease. Patanjali has picked a price of Rs 545 Indian currency for a kit of coronil.

Basically, coronil is an Ayurvedic medicine and Ayurvedic medicines are also known for showing no side effects after dosage. so all its ingredients are of that from nature. So what are they? Apparently coronil is a mixture of Tulsi, adu oil, girly, and ashwagandha. 

The making of coronil medicine is as follows:- 500 scientists have been working18 hours a day to reach the destination. Swami Ramdev also mentioned that yoga should continue while the usage of coronil in order for effective results in less time.

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