A Meeting On June 19 For India China Border Situation


As we all are well aware of the incidents happening at the India China Border from recent days. And a recent incident happened a day before, in which Chinese soldiers first fired at Indian soldiers and technology firing from both sides( India and China) took place. In which 20 soldiers of the India army and some of the soldiers from the China side were killed and 4 among the Indian army soldiers were badly injured.

As a step, prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi called a meeting with the presidents of different political parties in order to discuss the situation of the India China Border on June 19 at 5 pm.

After the 20 Indian soldiers were killed including the commanding officer in the face-off with Chinese soldiers at the border which last long over six hours, this made pm to call a meeting urgently. 

The first incident between India and China first took place in early May in the region of Sikkim and Ladakh sectors of the LAC ( line of actual control). Though, a series of talks have been held in a span of time in order to clear the six-week-long argument. 

It is in hearing that, 43 Chinese troops were killed or badly injured in the fight at India China Border As per claimed by the officials of the Indian army.

The defense minister of India, Rajnath Singh expressed sympathy for the soldiers died in Galwan Valley on Wednesday as said ‘the death of soldiers is very painful ad disturbing’ 

HP also praised the bravery and courage of Indian soldiers and also appreciated their duty that they perform very effectively and doesn’t think about sacrificing their lives for the nation and he also felt his emotion for the families of soldiers.

Within the country, the opposition party( of the prime minister party’s) ‘the Congress party’ leader has raised a question to the silence of the prime minister over the Chinese aggression on Wednesday. Rahul Gandhi demanded to know about the violence argument or fight between Indian and Chinese troops at the border. 

The Indian army officials said in a report that Indian army soldiers have been released to the borders since the time of border argument. 

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