A COVID-19 Patient Died As Doctor Removed The Ventilator Support

Removing ventilator

As we all are well aware that the cases for COVID- 19 in India are increasing every day and the situation is going to get worst and worst. Daily increasing cases are building a huge burden on doctors and hospitals. But behind all of these, there’s something happening, something very strange:-

In Hyderabad, a 26-year-old man affected with coronavirus( COVID- 19) died as the doctors of the hospital removed the Ventilator Support. Before he died he made a selfie video saying that he was feeling breathless as the doctor removed the oxygen supply and sent the video to his father. Though the hospital staff had said that the man died due to the sudden collapse of the heart in regard to this.

This incident happened on Friday night at Hyderabad’s government hospital, Erragadda. On Sunday this incident came to light up when the video got viral and shared over social media.

‘ They have removed the Ventilator Support and I can get a good oxygen supply. My heart has stopped working and I am unable to breathe. Bye daddy, by all’. These were the last words said by the man on his video before he died which he sent to his father from the bed of Hyderabad’s government chest hospital and then got viral.

The young man’s father addressed that his son died immediately after sending the video. He also said his son was suffering from high temperature on 24 of June and got admitted to the chest hospital on the same date.

However, the superintendent of the government chest hospital, Mahboob Khan totally denied the allegation of the Ventilator been removed. In fact, he said that the Ventilator Support was very good but the man was in a very critical stage, and as a result, he couldn’t even feel the proper oxygen supply.

He also said that it is common to see what happened with the man as the same thing happened with lots of patients too in the past few days. Under this critical stage, patients won’t feel the proper oxygen supply even when the supply is proper due to lungs affected by COVID -19, he said.

In fact, he appreciated the doctors as by saying doctors did their best to save the man but the man was in a critical stage so it ain’t the fault of doctors at all.


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