COVID-19 in India – 5 Simple Ways to Save Yourself

people wearing masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus

COVID-19 has been declared a global pandemic, and it is much serious a concern to overlook.  Here’s a safe guide for preventing the spread of COVID-19 in India.  Although there is not much, we can do right now to kill the virus, yet there is a lot we can do on a personal level so that we can beat this virus and extricate ourselves from this crisis situation.

The best thing is that these are some simple measures that we all can easily take, and they don’t consume a lot of our time and effort. Read on below to find out what all steps you can follow to say goodbye to COVID-19 in India.

Mind Your Hands Till We have COVID-19 in India

wash your hand frequently to prevent coronavirus infection

One of the prime reasons why coronavirus gets into your body is because you infect yourself with your own hands. Yes, that’s right! Your hands are always in touch with objects. After all, you have to use your hands to help yourself while outdoors. Think about doorbells, public transport vehicle seats, and whatnot. And because you don’t really know who must have touched all those objects before you did, you will never know if they carry germs. And that is why it is extremely important that you keep washing your hands pretty often and sanitize them whenever there is no soap or source of water available around. Both soap and sanitizers (essentially, alcohol-based solutions) are good at killing viruses.

Your Elbows Can Save Others

use your elbow to cover while coughing or sneezing

When we cough or sneeze, we have this habit of covering our nose or mouth with our hands. But that is not a great way to go about it. Instead, you should cover your mouth or nose with the inner elbow of one of your hands whenever you get a sneeze or a cough. And, in case, you use tissues for this purpose, you should dispose of them immediately. Actually, the liquid droplets that you release when you cough, or sneeze contain active viral particles in them. Hence, when you sneeze in the open, they get inside other people’s bodies and infect them. Also, when you use your hands to sneeze on, you do make things risky for other people by using the same hands to touch objects at public places. This is a great measure to stop the expansion of COVID-19 in India.

Avoid Touching Your Face

icon showing not to touch your face

Your hands are always in touch with open surfaces. And that is why they are the first to pick up germs like viruses. When your hands get contaminated with germs, they can transfer them to other parts of your body through touch. And that is why it is never a good idea to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth with your hands without cleaning them properly. Remember, it is mostly through your eyes, mouth, and nose, that viruses and other germs can get inside your body.

Practice Social Distancing To Avoid Corona  in India

prefer social distancing during this terrible lockdown period

During the time of coronavirus spread, it would be wise of you to stay away from social interaction. Just try to maintain a meter’s distance from anyone that you are interacting with and also others around you. When you maintain some social distance, you save yourself from being infected by all the infectious diseases such as COVID-19 that those around you might be suffering from. This, you do, by simply avoiding the infected droplets of liquid that come out when people sneeze and cough.  

5. Be Cautious of Symptoms

corona news india - be cautious about the symptoms

When you develop flu-like symptoms, you should become extremely cautious. So, the best bet would be to stay indoors, preferably at your own home. And if you think you have the symptoms of Covid-19, you should see your medical care provider immediately. The symptoms of a coronavirus infection include dry cough, high fever, and difficulty in breathing. Also, don’t forget to follow all the instructions that have been issued by your local health authorities. That is extremely important!

This is a crisis time considering the attack of corona in India, for sure. But there is no war in the world that the humans cannot win. But for that, we all have to work in coordination and cooperation with each other. To help the citizens, the Indian government is providing various facilities to people, especially to those living hand to mouth. Stay indoors, follow basic hygiene rules and listen to what your healthcare provider says. By following these simple tips, we will be able to ensure the eradication of corona in India, once and for all. 

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