15 Days For Workers To Go To Heaven (Their Home)

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As we all know, we have been kept inside our houses since March due to widespread epidemic disease coronavirus( COVID- 19). This is for the first time we find ourselves and the world helpless but not hopeless.

No one ever thought that someday they would be entirely locked in their houses for so many months. Apart everything will stop all of a sudden. But a virus made it applicable. Yea its ‘Coronavirus’ the most perilous and dangerous virus of all time.

Besides, there are some people who haven’t seen their home in a while. They are the ones who suffered a lot in this lockdown. Well, yes I am talking about migrant workers of India who migrated in order to find work and trapped outside their home. They never ever thought of this.

Many migrant workers left jobless and homeless after the lockdown started and their workplaces or work sites shut during this period. 

In every aspect, the poor are the one who always suffers. Though, every time government says they will do something but we are aware of something never happened. And the poor only suffer and suffer.

But now the government raises a good step which is totally in favor of workers and the poor. This time we can say the government is doing something great for sure in favor of them.

The Supreme Court said on Friday that 15 days will be granted in order to move the migrated workers from all over the countries to their home. Also, a great step, to provide and create employment opportunities for the migrated workers in their hometown.

The center said over 1 crore of migrated workers are transported all across the country. As many news for the death of workers through trains, lack of food were in trending and happening more frequently. And they are not afraid of coronavirus; they are afraid of whether they will be able to provide food to their family or not.

On account of that, the Centre told that from now not even a single worker will die because of lack of food, water and medicine. 

Ranjit Kumar, said that 28 lakh people have been returned to the states of Bihar. He also said the Bihar government is working on providing employment opportunities for them.

The court also asked the Rajasthan government to list out how many more migrant workers are left who want to go back home. I also appealed to give 15 days in order to send everyone back.

At last, The court also said that it is the job of the state to provide food and transport(through train or buses) to the migrant workers and they should not be charged for that. The court also said that no state will refuse to take workers back.


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