Live Corona News India:14 Lakh Companies Are Working From Home In India

In this fight against the COVID-19 virus, newer methods are being adopted to stop it from spreading more. This potentially fatal virus is harming more and more people as the days go by and India too has not been spared in this regard. Thus, a complete lockdown has imposed upon the country in order to follow the basic protocol of social distancing. This is one of the most effective methods to combat the virus and contain its spread. As per Live Corona News India, around 14 lakhs companies are working from home in India. Let’s know its impact!

Live Corona News India:Impact of Work from Home In India

Corona in India is on the rise, and hence, the lockdown comes at a time when it is more than necessary. However, the problem begins when we look at the consequences of this world’s biggest lockdown, one of the most significant ones being – work from home. 

What is Work from Home?

As the name itself suggests, an employee sits at home and completes the task at hand. This is possible majorly for companies in the IT sector and other sectors like content curation, writing, advertising, etc. This concept, which was in practice in sparse frequency, has now suddenly shot up with more than 14 lakh companies being almost forced to adopt this policy. Why?

To maintain the lockdown and follow the protocol of social distancing. Thus, employees are staying at home and continue to work from home. This sudden change in the work process definitely does have its impacts – while some say that this concept of work from home is going to give birth to a new world, there are others who are trying more and more to adjust to this change. So, how has the new work from home culture amidst the rise of coronavirus cases in India affected the country? 

India and work from home

This trend is new certainly, and there are people, especially the more hopeful ones are of the opinion that this change is for the better. This will increase productivity, save a lot of time, bring down the level of pollution and promote a better work culture. However, to begin with, there are a lot of difficulties for the companies, which have suddenly forced to adopt this culture for the lockdown, and the most prominent one is – slow internet connection.

Most companies have their internal servers and VPNs, which make accessibility and transfer of files easier and less time consuming, which is becoming a huge problem right now. Hence, there is a time lack that needs to be dealt with. This is a particular problem that the IT sector is facing, and thus, it might be the biggest challenge for them. When it comes to other sectors, there are firms which in the wake of Coronavirus Live India seem to be quite in stride with the work from home culture.

It is, however, important to remember that employees themselves do not used to the work from a home culture on a daily basis, and so, there are some basic infrastructural difficulties that they are facing. 

India will take some time, but it is rapidly adjusting to the need of the hour!

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